Do you offer any food or meal plans? 

Yes! Please see our SHOP page.


Do you have a cookbook?

Unfortunately not, but in the meantime, you can sign up for the TNC Collective where you receive monthly recipes and join our cooking classes to learn how to use food as medicine. 

How can someone become a dietitian?

It really differs depending on the province/state/country you plan to study in. I recommend doing a quick search online for the programs in your area. I attend Pace University, and I am completing a coordinated program for a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics; this includes an internship that consist of 1,200 hours of supervised practice at several locations,  and is to be followed by a board examination. Upon completion of all of this I must maintain my credential through continuing education credits for as long as I hope to practice as a Registered Dietitian. 


How can  someone become a health coach or nutritionist?

There are quite a few schools that offer certification to become a health coach. I received training as a health and wellness coach, that is credentialed under the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching, from Noom Inc.

Where are you from?

My parents are from Jamaica, and I've been there several times. I identify as an African American. I was born and raise in Brooklyn, New York. 

When did you start making Youtube videos?

I made videos on-and-off since March 2013. I have since deleted some videos that were not in my current niche. (I do not recommend deleting your videos, just make them private. I wish I had done this in the past!)


What's your favorite way to pass time?  

Watching YouTube videos, organizing/planning, napping, shopping, reading books, and spending time with others!


Wait, I have some questions that weren't answered! 

Don't worry, you can contact me directly by visiting the  contact page!


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