Dietitian, Shanon!

"I strive to provide the highest quality individualized nutrition care to my clients and understand that one size does not fit all. From guidance about meal planning to recommendations on choosing the right supplements, I support you in overcoming dietary and lifestyle obstacles. Giving you a generic diet plan based on a medical diagnosis is not enough to foster optimal healing. As a registered dietitian, I will conduct a thorough assessment, recommend nutritionally-pertinent lab testing if necessary, and interpret the results to identify the root cause of your problems. Healing takes time — book your free session today, and let's begin working together!"

— Shanon Whittingham, MS, RDN, CDN

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Dietitian Shanon can help you with
the following...

Healthy Food
  • Weight Management - weight loss or weight gain

  • Cardiometabolic - balance blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol

  • Nutrition Issues - anemias, nutrient deficiencies, and plant-based nutrition

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  • Mood - anxiety, stress, or depressed mood

  • Concentration - brain fog and focus

  • Fatigue - low energy and sleeplessness

  • Body Confidence - body image and self-compassion

NOURISH Sessions

Holistic Nutrition Counseling

In this 45-minute session, Dietitian Shanon will assess your nutrition needs, food patterns, give recommendations appropriate for your dietary needs, and provide nutrition counseling. She will discuss your past and present experiences and dig deep to understand the origins of your unwanted eating and body concerns. Sessions can be conducted via phone or HIPAA-compliant video chat. In each follow-up session, she will discuss your progress, strategize how to overcome any challenges, and introduce techniques that will help you move towards your goals. 

45 min |$129

Virtual Grocery Shopping Coaching

The grocery store is the start of where nutrition goals turn into action. Dietitian Shanon will help you build a healthy grocery cart to help you create a healthy kitchen. Grocery stores can be tricky to navigate due to how things are stocked and the many different food options. A grocery store tour will equip you with shopping skills to help you save time, money, and energy.

60 min |$139

1-on-1 Virtual Cooking Class

This experience is a fun and interactive opportunity to cook with a nutrition expert by your side and learn easy kitchen tips to save time. During the class, you'll create delicious recipes that can become part of a healthy weekly meal prep routine. As you cook, Dietitian Shanon will share simple cooking tips, the nutritional benefits of the foods you're preparing, and the basics of healthy meal planning so that you’ll leave feeling more confident cooking at home.

60 min |$139

Customized Nourish Plan

Your nourish plan includes an outline of everything you need to be successful in nourishing your body. Each plan includes meals ideas, recipes, a shopping list, your nutrition requirements, supplement recommendation (if any), and more.

*Customized nourish plans are only available to clients who have done at least one session within the last 60 days. An assessment is needed to provide personalized recommendation.*

30 min |$97