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 The Nourish Path 

A nutrition program that helps you build a healthy relationship with food and your body. Get ready to develop a sustainable approach to nutrition that is rooted in holistic health and wellness.

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Quick diets are a thing of the past; behavior change is the way of the future.  We help you create healthy habits that last for a lifetime, by giving you proven techniques and methods that help you improve metabolic health and overall well-being. From educational sessions led by a registered dietitian, a self-paced online nutrition course, and workout classes led by certified personal trainers, we have got you covered!

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Member Reviews

"I needed help with losing weight and reducing my A1C level to improve my health. The information provided and explanations step by step to make sure I was successful was helpful. I will be a member forever!"

— Yolanda E.

How This Works

Identify a short-term goal

(i.e: drinking more water)

Follow a structured program that gives you tips to achieve the goal

(i.e: take a sip of water every time you stand up)

Get feedback and reminders that help you remain consistent

(i.e: remember to hydrate up today!)

Access helpful resources that build your knowledge

(i.e: lessons on the importance of hydration)

Repeat the process every month as you build new habits and work on new goals

(i.e: now let's move on to nutrition!)

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This Is For You If...

🥗 You want to learn how to eat (and cook!) nutritiously without sacrificing flavor.

💯 You want to learn how to build confidence in your body

🩸 You need help with your blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, or blood pressure.

🥑You want to achieve the weight you want without sacrificing your mental health (and delicious food)

🥬 You are sick of conflicting information on the internet and want to learn from professionals who's been there, done that, and helped many others before.

Your Program Includes The Following

Monthly Masterclasses

Learn about different topics such as nutrition, exercise, rest, and mindfulness. Live group sessions are typically held on Tuesday or Thursday nights at 8 PM EST. If you are unable to attend you can always rewatch the recording.

Coaching Sessions

Book a session at any time. Sessions can be conducted via phone or HIPAA-compliant video chat. Dietitian Shanon will discuss your progress, strategize how to overcome any challenges, and introduce new techniques that can help you move towards your goals.

Unlimited Messaging

Send us a text whenever you are struggling or if you need some guidance when grocery shopping! You will also get weekly check-ins and support to provide ongoing health counseling. We will provide support, guidance, and feedback throughout your entire journey so that you never feel alone.

Digital Food and Lifestyle Journal

Log your meals with our database of 1,000,000+ foods and ingredients. Easily log your food and activity in our client portal. Tracking is completely optional, but it can be a great way to help you learn more about your food and lifestyle habits. You can access your client portal via any mobile device or computer.

Online Nutrition Course

This program helps you answer one of the most important questions you can ask yourself: how can I live the longest, healthiest life possible? Each lesson presents in-depth contemporary scientific information on nutrition and disease prevention, while building your awareness of ways to preserve optimal lifetime health.

Members-only Group Forum

Chat with fellow nourish members to get inspired by how they're making the program work for them.


Free 3 day trial. Cancel anytime. No cancellation fees.

Feel Supported 24/7

Making changes alone is hard and unnecessary. I am there to support you every step of the way, from realistic goals to 24/7 feedback on progress and answers to your questions. I don’t rush. You will work to improve habits such as; eating filling foods, portion control, and managing hunger– skills that will equip you for life.

— Shanon Whittingham, MS, RDN, CDN

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3-DAY Free Trial

Achieving better health takes time, begin your journey today.


Nourish Path


  • 28-week online nutrition course

  • Monthly group follow-up sessions

  • Monthly group coaching calls

  • Instant access to our entire masterclass library

  • Recipe library, exercise library, and on-demand health videos

  • Membership is locked in and will never increase.

  • Cancel anytime. No cancellation fees.

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Get everything listed in The Nourish Path program plus…

  • 60-minute initial assessment

  • Weekly 1-on-1 check-in on goals and progress directly from me

  • Monthly 1-on-1 follow-up sessions

  • Unlimited messaging and support in between sessions

  • Unlimited Resources - blood sugar guide, supplement guides, and more based on whatever you request

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Stress-Free Holistic Care

 Easily ask questions, schedule appointments, keep track of your progress, upload documents, and manage upcoming sessions from anywhere. Conveniently access your client portal from the mobile app, computer, or tablet.

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Here are some protein-rich breakfast ideas —

That's awesome that you got 3 workouts in! You were so consistent!

Get Feedback Along The Way!

It sounds like it would be best to work on mindful eating today. Thoughts?

Would you like some tips on how to make balanced healthy snacks?

This Is Not For You If...

❌ You have struggled with an eating disorder and joining would be triggering

❌ You are looking for a "quick fix" to lose weight. While you can lose weight on this program, we focus on sustainable habits that will last a lifetime and not extreme dieting

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Insurance Information

We do not accept insurance at this time, however, we do accept HSA/FSA. Additionally, we are considered out-of-network with all PPO plans, therefore we can provide a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network benefits (this is only for those who are based in New York). If your insurance does not cover your sessions you will still be responsible for payment. To learn more about whether nutrition services are a covered benefit under your insurance, call the number on the back of your insurance card and inquire about your coverage.


Ask if Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) is a covered benefit based on your plan. The procedure codes used for MNT are 97802 (initial assessment) and 97803 (follow-up). Ask them if coverage is dependent on your diagnosis and how many sessions you can get reimbursed for, and provide them with your nutrition-related diagnosis. You may want to ask if there are any benefits for “preventative Z codes” such as Z71.3. If so, ask which Z codes and what the requirements are. If you have any questions about anything shared above please book a free consultation by visiting clicking here.

Learn About Your Metabolism Through Personalized Coaching

Your metabolism is unique. Your favorite “healthy” foods may be causing blood sugar spikes and energy crashes that hold you back from peak performance. Our metabolism regulates our sleep, appetite, weight, and energy levels. Join the VIP program and get personalized counseling that will help you maximize your metabolic health.