From our valuable members and clients

  • When I weighed myself and realized I had finally lost all 30lbs, I was in shock. Somehow I always thought that my body was programmed to be a certain weight. I am certainly grateful that Shanon helped me break those thought distortions! - Samuel M.

  • I feel better today than I have been since I was in high school! I was able to dramatically cut back on the carbs, while also making sure I didn't feel deprived of the foods I enjoyed! I was still able to eat DONUTS and lose weight. She taught me the value and techniques of BALANCE! — Edith M.

  • I was always interested in eating plant-based and tried to transition on my own before but was unsuccessful. When I signed up for Shanon's program I learned about the fundamentals of nutrition, how to cook delicious vegan foods, how to eat out as a vegan. She gave me a ton of recipes, created a meal plan, and gave me a ton of resources like books, apps, and websites I could use for extra support. By the end of the program, I lost weight, my skin cleared up, I learned how to make healthy vegan choices and feel great, both inside and out." ​— Emily Jackson

  • I was a client for 3 months in the women’s group! I just wanted to lose a little weight and I lost over 10 lbs. I was very happy and it made me feel more confident. Everyone at my job was asking me what I did and I was proud to say that it was because of the help I received from Shanon. — Hazel W.

  • Very knowledgeable on the needs of the customer. I needed help with losing weight and reducing my A1C level to improve my health. The information provided and explanations step by step to make sure I was successful was helpful.  — Yolanda E

  •  I didn't want to be on a restrictive plan or told to only watch calories! Shanon showed me how to eat mindfully so that I can get in touch with my hunger and fullness signals. Highly recommend! — Michelle W

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