Let Us Serve You


The Nourish Center can serve you through the following:

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Nourish Programs:
1-ON-1 Programs

One-on-one private counseling and personalized guidance that helps you reach your goals. This program includes the following:

  • Consultation and assessment 

  • Personalized meal and lifestyle plans

  • Follow up sessions

  • 24/7 access to a dietitian for support

  • Personalized recipes and shopping lists

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TNC Collective:

From monthly group masterclasses to virtual cooking classes, the TNC collective was created to equip women to gain the tools they need to achieve better health. The collective includes the following:

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • Health Coaching Sessions

  • Monthly Recipes

  • Digital Food & Mood Journal

  • Private women-only group forum

Nourish Partnerships:

We can collaborate with you to host various health-focused seminars, classes, and workshops. We can offer the following:

  • Seminars (in-person/virtually)

  • Workshops (One-time or Monthly)

  • Lunch and Learns

  • Social Media Interviews/Podcast Interviews 

  • Cooking Classes (in-person/virtually)

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Nourish Community:

We enjoy working with brands to review their products and share healthy recommendations with our audience. We are focused on driving engagement and creating branded, lifestyle content that resonates with viewers and their circle of influence. We can collaborate with you on the following:

  • Social Media Content (YouTube, Instagram, and more)

  • Brand Ambassadorship

  • Ads/Sponsorships

  • Social Media Takeovers or Lives