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Unparalleled holistic health that uses food as medicine.
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Health Membership

Become a member of The Nourish Center and get long-term support to improve your health. All members receive their own workbook that will teach them how to get started with improving their nutritional status. Members have their own client portal in which they can join our monthly nutrition masterclasses, health coaching sessions, and events, and access their digital food tracker. All members can also easily log into their members portal from a computer or by downloading our mobile app.

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Health Sessions

Conduct a thorough screening and assessment to determine what food and lifestyle factors impact your health. Discuss your eating habits, nutrition needs, food patterns, medical history, relationship with food, and past efforts to discover solutions. Get individualized nutrition counseling, a printable outline of food recommendations (foods to eat/avoid), supplement recommendations, and a 3-day meal plan.


VIP Health Membership

Take your health to the next level by working with a registered dietitian and nutritionist on an ongoing basis. In addition to all the membership offerings, the VIP membership includes two monthly private nutrition sessions, a personalized 14-day holistic meal plan, and 24/7 one-on-one access to a dietitian via text messaging. Each week your dietitian checks in with you to provide feedback, strategize how to overcome obstacles, hold you accountable, and answer any questions that may arise. Get to the root cause of your health concerns and a long-term partner dedicated to your health with the VIP membership.

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Customized Meal Plans

This holistic plan includes foods to eat/avoid, supplement recommendations, healthy habits to implement and a personalized 14-day meal plan with recipes. 

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Group Workshops & Events

- Symposiums/Panelist

- Nutrition & Wellness Sessions

- Cooking Class or Demonstration

Improve your audience's physical health at your next event by having an informative and entertaining dietitian.

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Media Partnerships

- Ambassadorship/Sponsorships

- TV Segment & Print Placement
- Podcast & Radio Media Segments

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists can provide expert advice and commentary on everything related to food and nutrition.