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Unparalleled holistic nutrition that uses food as medicine.
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1-on-1 Nutrition Session

Nourish Sessions

In your nutrition session, you will discuss your eating habits, nutrition needs, food patterns, medical history, relationship with food, and past efforts in order to create a winning plan. Dietitian Shanon seeks to understand what has worked for you in the past and what has not, in order to provide appropriate recommendations. After the session is over you will have notes of specific goals to implement to achieve your goals. You can book these sessions as often as needed.

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Group Nutrition Program

The Nourish Path Prorgam

The Nourish Path is a self-paced online nutrition program that teaches you how to improve your eating habits and overall health. When you become a member, you will get an interactive workbook and follow-along videos to guide you. Every month we hold live masterclasses and group nutrition coaching sessions to provide you with additional support. Finally, you also have access to a library of recipes, exclusive educational health videos, and our private group forum to keep you inspired and motivated.


1-on-1 Nutrition Program

1-on-1 Nutrition Program

The one-on-one nutrition program allows you to work directly with me to achieve your health and wellness goals. You will have immediate access to me 24/7 via text and get two private nutrition sessions every month. Sessions can be conducted via phone or video chat. To provide you with additional support, as a VIP client, you also get all access to the resources in my Nourish Path program, which includes live masterclasses, group nutrition coaching sessions, recipes, and exclusive educational nutrition videos. 

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Group Workshops & Classes

Group Masterclasses

- Cooking Class or Demonstration
- Nutrition & Wellness Session
- Group Challenges


Dietitians are trained to spot nutrient deficiencies and help you to correct them. They can provide expert advice and commentary on everything related to food and nutrition. Shanon enjoys speaking to large groups and her goal is to always be informative and entertaining. 

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Corporate Events

Nourish Events

- Nutrition Lunch & Learn

- Symposiums

- Panelist

 A significant benefit of introducing a dietitian and holistic nutritionist to your next event is that it may improve your audience's mental and physical health. As your audience is educated and incentivized around health and wellness, they can reduce their risk of severe health problems.

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OTT & Traditional Media

Media Partnerships

- Ambassadorship/Sponsorships

- TV Segment & Print Placement
- Podcast & Radio Media Segments

Shanon is always looking to collaborate with brands by adding her signature stamp and credibility as a registered dietitian. She is open to a wide variety of brand ambassador roles – including opportunities outside of the food and nutrition market.