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Since you signed up for The Detox & Nourish Reset Program I KNOW you will LOVE the collective! When you join the collective you work with me, a Dietitian & Nutritionist, EVERY month for $20!

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🥳 🎉This program is currently $27/month, but because you purchased The Detox & Nourish Reset Program I am giving you it for $20!  🥳 🎉

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Hey, nourished one!

Welcome to your new favorite corner of the internet!

I'm Shanon!

This collective is a women-only monthly subscription that helps you achieve a healthy weight,  balance your hormones, and improve your mood. Our gut health has been linked to successful weight management, improved fitness levels, healthier skin, a fortified immune system, and improved mental health. Quick diets are a thing of the past, and behavior change is the way to the future. This membership will revolutionize the way you treat your gut health, all while making healthy living enjoyable! 


How it works...


Enjoy unlimited access and cancel anytime you want. No questions asked.

Once you become a member...

Monthly Live Masterclass

Learn about different topics such as nutrition, exercise, rest, and mindfulness.

Live Cooking Classes 

Learn how to use food as medicine by cooking plant-rich recipes on Zoom with a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist! 

Monthly Plant-Rich Recipes

Get access to a library of vegan recipes so that you eat more plant-based and enhance your cooking repertoire.

Private Accountability Group Forum

Chat with fellow nourish members about how they are doing, receive encouragement, and get inspired by others along the way.

Office Hour & Coaching

Ask a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist anything and get your questions answered in real-time.

Fun Challenges and Prizes

Join our monthly health-focused challenges and receive prizes (gift cards, beauty products, etc.) along the way.

Exclusive Members-Only Perks

Get discounts on in-person events and giveaways on our 1-on-1 coaching program simply for being a member!

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The Nourish Formula includes what we believe are the pillars of health. If you improve your nutritional status, engage in joyful movement, get quality rest, and reduce your stress levels your overall health will be improved.


Food and supplements contain vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that can balance hormones or disrupt health. Through personalized nutrition, I teach you the value of food as medicine.


I encourage you to move your body in ways that are enjoyable for you. Exercise is not just about training or heart fitness, but exercise is important for your gut health.  


Sleep deprivation can affect your gut health in as little as two days. It can cause inflammation and stress hormones in your body to rise. I'll encourage you to get rest and improve your quality of sleep.


Do you have a spiritual practice? Do you have positive and meaningful relationships?  I champion the importance of feeding your body, mind, and spirit through practicing mindfulness.

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Ready To Start 

Let's Go!


$20 / MONTH


  • Cancel anytime, with no cancellations fees

  • All the listed benefits on this page

  • Instant access to the collective

  • New masterclass delivered monthly